Professional Service and Charges

Professional charges to include arrangements, administration of arrangements and conducting the funeral, including all telephone calls, letters of confirmation and general attendances.

A Funeral Director and full compliment of Pall Bearers are also included in our charges

Professional Services and the use of the funeral home……….£ 1,465.00

The provision of a hearse and staff…..…………………………£ 335.00

Sub Total £ 1,800.00

Supplementary Charges

Limousines are charged @ £180.00 each

Embalming if required @ £100.00 or for repatriation @ £150.00

Saturday funerals carry a surcharge of £300.00 / Sunday funerals carry a surcharge of £400.00

additional mileage charges outside of 30 mile radius are set @ 91ppm for complete round trip

Floral Tributes (Brochure available in house)

Memorial Headstones and cremation tablets (Brochure available in house)

Other services we offer

There are no charges for bringing into our care your loved one in office hours from anywhere within a 30 mile radius of our main branch £ no charge

Out of hours into care charges including weekend and bank holidays are £120.00

Our in house Celebrant of 18 years standing for non religious services (if available) is also £ no charge

guide for other Celebrants are £220.00 / Ministers £210.00 / Priest £120.00 – £160.00

Order of Service Sheets up to 50 in colour £ no charge

Chapel Visits in office hours £ no charge

Third party Costs

Also known as disbursements are in addition to the professional and coffin/casket charges:

1) Coffin & Casket


2) Local Crematorium and Cemetery Price Lists

Gloucester Cemeteries and Crematorium Price List
Forest of Dean Cemeteries and Crematorium Price List
Cheltenham Memorial Prices 2021-22
Cheltenham Funeral Prices 2021-22
C of E Parochial Fees


Direct to Crematorium Package


To help keep our promise of funerals at a reasonable cost, Disbursements are to be paid in full before the funeral date. Invoices are to be settled within 21 days of date of invoice. At the expiration of the 21 days, interest will be charged at the rate of 2 % on the amount outstanding per month or part thereof.